100-pound opah fish, also known as a moonfish, discovered on a beach in Oregon

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SEASIDE, Oregon -- A ample colorful food washed ashore connected the Oregon seashore past week successful what aquarium officials called a uncommon occurrence.

The 100-pound (45 kilogram) opah fish, besides known arsenic a moonfish, was discovered connected Sunset Beach successful Seaside, a metropolis successful the northwest broadside of the state. The food is "rare to the Oregon Coast," Seaside Aquarium said successful a Facebook post on with respective images of the 3 and a fractional ft agelong fish.

Keith Chandler, the wide manager of Seaside Aquarium, told CNN that an opah connected the Oregon seashore is "uncommon to find" and helium besides added that the food was "in specified large shape."

"They're beauteous chill fish, and we don't usually spot them connected the shore," said Chandler. "It was beauteous breathtaking for locals."

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), small is known astir the taxon since they unrecorded heavy successful the ocean. The taxon is usually recovered successful temperate and tropical waters.

The opah is an antithetic looking fish, according to NOAA, they person a round, level assemblage that's silvery grey successful color.

"Toward the belly (of the fish), the metallic shades to a roseate red, dotted with achromatic spots," reads NOAA's website. "Their fins and rima are red, and their ample eyes are encircled with gold."

Due to the information the food was recovered in, Chandler believes that it had lone been connected the formation for little than an hr earlier the aquarium's unit got a notification for it.

"Unfortunately, it washed up not living, but we got to it earlier the birds," helium said.

The opah is being stored successful a ample freezer, Chandler said. The aquarium plans to enactment with a section organization, the Columbia River Maritime Museum, to dissect the fish. The aquarium added that 1 fortunate schoolhouse radical volition get the accidental to beryllium portion of the dissection.

Chandler said the aquarium plans to "get each the data" imaginable from the dissection to larn much astir the species.

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