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Philadelphia courts released more than 200 of the city’s inmates in the first week of a a new process for reviewing cases as the coronavirus spreads through the prison population. Medical workers are responding to the crisis — but some Philadelphia area hospitals are discouraging employees from volunteering to help. And experts say that it’s useful to look back at the  Philadelphia News Great Depression for lessons as the unemployment rates continue to climb.

The coronavirus rescue package won’t stop unemployment from surpassing Great Recession levels, Wharton says
Unemployment driven by the coronavirus shutdowns will be worse than during the Great Recession of a decade ago, economists say. Some 18 million Americans who want to work will likely be out of a job by summer, triple last winter’s unemployment.

That’s one in nine U.S. workers, compared to one in 10 during the last financial crisis, according to the national spending scholars who run the Penn Wharton Budget Model program at the University of Pennsylvania.

The U.S. economy will shrink at a rate of 30% a year during the worst of the slowdown, the second quarter, which ends June 30, according to the report by analysts Press Release Distribution Services In Philadelphia Alexander Arnon, Zheli He, and Jon Huntley. And it could have been even worse — with unemployment rising to 12% and growth at an annualized minus 37% — without the newly enacted $2.2 trillion coronavirus economic rescue package.

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