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SEPTA looks to new logo to honor employees who died of coronavirus

Mayor Kenney wrote an open letter to Philadelphia, honoring those who have died while praising Philadelphia’s indomitable spirit. “I see this spirit in the growing number of folks at home sewing and donating face coverings, and manufacturers who have shifted production to personal protective equipment. It’s seen in the countless people opting to order food and supplies from our restaurants and local small businesses. That spirit is in our philanthropic community Philadelphia News  who mobilized in record time and raised tens of millions of dollars for struggling nonprofits. It’s in the School District and Community College of Philadelphia, doing everything possible to bring remote learning to all students. And it’s also in the scores of volunteers packing thousands of meals every week to ensure Philadelphians don’t go hungry,” Kenney writes.

Plus, me the 19-year-old making Philadelphia smile for 30 seconds at a time.

Finding employment during the coronavirus pandemic: A glimmer of hope for college seniors
College senior Gwen Saccocia in February noticed job postings in her field and began applying.

The Villanova University biology major’s search accelerated as the coronavirus spread.

And on March 13, the very day that Villanova announced students had to leave campus and continue instruction remotely, she got a job.

"It was one happy thing that happened that day,” said Saccocia, who will work as a research assistant in a gastroenterology lab at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Philly region reports daily high of 50 coronavirus-related deaths
The Philadelphia region saw a daily high of 50 coronavirus-related deaths Thursday, with the city surpassing 100 deaths and the region’s death toll rising to 286.

Philadelphia saw the highest number of fatalities in the region, with 26, which brought its overall death toll to 104.

Thursday’s regional count rose from Wednesday’s 36 deaths and Press Release Distribution Service In Philadelphia became the highest number of reported coronavirus-related deaths on a single day.

Philadelphia’s positive case total now stands at 5,271, with the three surrounding suburbs reporting 4,187 total cases.

Pennsylvania now has 18,228 total cases and 338 deaths, far fewer in comparison to New Jersey’s 51,027 cases and 1,700 deaths.

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