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A reopened Dutch restaurant is using robots to implement social distancing by serving and seating customers — see how it works

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  • Bars and restaurants in The Netherlands were allowed to start reopening on June 1.
  • Space for customers is limited, and social distancing rules must still be followed.
  • One Dutch restaurant, Dadawan, has incorporated branded robots to serve food and take temperatures.
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After over two months of staying at home, Dutch restaurant customers will be greeted by some of the cutest robots of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Netherlands has slowly begun reopening after closing in mid-March because of COVID-19. Bars and restaurants were allowed to open on June 1, as long as they had no more than 30 customers and maintained social distancing. Movie theaters and museums also reopened, with schools to follow.
As in other areas of the world, some creative business owners have thought about ways to minimize risks as they reopen. For fusion restaurant Dadawan, that meant using robot servers across the restaurant. Here's how they work
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Dadawan is an fusion restaurant with three locations in The Netherlands.

Danny Deng, owner of Dadawan, told RTV Maastricht that he chose his Maastricht, Netherlands location to start adding robots to his staff.

Source: RTV Maastricht

First, concierge robot "Jaime" greets customers at the door.

Then, the robot takes customers' temperatures, displaying a green light if they do not have a fever, a symptom of COVID-19. If everything checks out, customers are seated by Jaime.

Jaime's decor fits in with the restaurant, with a cocktail and edamame decorating the otherwise white robot.

Next, the human staff still have to actually take orders, from a safe distance.

Then, "Amy" brings over food when it is ready.

Like Jaime, Amy is also on theme, with the restaurant's name and prawns — or shrimp — on the robot.

When the meal is finished, another robot comes to collect the dishes.

Deng told RTV Maastricht that the restaurant is using robots to keep up the standard of Dadawan's service and to better observe the social distancing rule.


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