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Businesses looted in Philadelphia amid citywide riots

PHILADELPHIA - A second day of unrest in Philadelphia continued with crowds looting several businesses in different parts of the city.

SkyFOX was over the scene near Castor Street and Aramingo Avenue around 2 p.m. Affordable Press Release Services, A crowd of looters was seen entering a store front and leaving with stolen merchandise.

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Nearby, reports indicate that every store along Kensington Avenue was hit by looters earlier in the afternoon.

Looters were even seen fighting with each other over the stolen goods.Free Press Release Distribution Services  Police were not immediately on the scene, but a video posted to twitter shows officers making an arrest.

Kensington, one of the most impoverished parts of Philadelphia, is just northeast of the epicenter of yesterday's violent riots in Center City.

Looters tore into several businesses in West Philadelphia during the late afternoon hours. Free Press Release Website  A large crowd ransacked a corner drug store on Walnut Street and 52nd Street. Nearby, a steady stream of looters were seen exiting the Family Bargain with merchandise.

Police in SWAT gear arrived on the scene and attempted to control the remaining rioters. Several officers deployed suspected tear gas at protesters who failed to comply with orders.

SWAT officers spray protesters in West Philadelphia
SkyFOX was over the scene.

Looting continued at a West Philadelphia strip mall, where several businesses were plundered. Rioters were seen using both the front and back entrance of the stores to carry away armfuls of goods and merchandise.

Looters ransack strip mall in West Philadelphia
SkyFOX was over the scene as the looting continued in West Philadelphia.

A Target in Wynnefield Heights became a hot spot for looters. Free Press Release Site Several people were seen with shopping carts jammed full of stolen goods.

Target said it temporarily closed or adjusted hours at more than 200 stores in response to national violence over the weekend, but most were scheduled to reopen Sunday Monday. Affordable Press Release Network Mayor Kenney on Sunday ordered all Philadelphia businesses to close.

Looters charge into Target in Wynnefield Heights
SkyFOX was over the scene of continued looting across Philadelphia.

On Sunday morning, looting continued at businesses along Walnut Street while citizens attempted to clean up the path of destruction leftover from Saturday.

As a result of the violent riots, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney closed all streets in Center City. The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which funnels traffic directly into Center City, has also been shut down.

Philadelphia will be under a citywide curfew starting at 8 p.m. and lasting until 6 a.m. Monday morning.

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