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European Blockchain Convention transforms into a huge online event

The congress reinvents itself and becomes an enormous online event with two days of live-streamed content and quite 100 world-class speakers. 

European Blockchain Convention Virtual becomes the meeting point of the Blockchain Industry this year in Europe. The congress, which can be persisted September 21 and 22, will feature workshops, presentations, panel discussions and quite 100 world-class speakers. EBC will provide access to an AI-powered networking platform Cryptocurrency Press Release Distribution to facilitate virtual one-to-one meetings between over 1500 attendees.

The main topics discussed within the online edition are going to be the ecu self-sovereign identity framework (ESSIF), the pan-European regulatory framework for crypto assets that's expected to be released in 2021, Blockchain Press Release Distribution and DLT standards, the roadmap towards programmable digital euro, blockchain applications in logistics and international trade, data disintermediation within the health and mobility industry, food traceability, Web 3.0 and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The congress has announced an exceptional lineup with industry leaders including Pēteris Zilgalvis (European Commission), Eva Kaili (European Parliament), Clarisse Dias de Mota (Novartis), Dante Disparte (Libra Association), Heather Leigh (ConsenSys), Alexa Ríos (TradeLens | Maersk), Jorge Ordovás (Telefónica), Harry Behrens (Daimler), Martin Diehl (BundesBank), Emmanuel Delerm (Carrefour), Giovanni Franzese (Ericsson), Luis F. Chiroque (Red Eléctrica), Gilberto Florez (Ferrovial), Rodolfo Quijano (Henkel) and Sebastian Kraft (Commerzbank).
“We live in exciting times. Blockchain technology will definitely have incredibly profound effects on business Bitcoin Press Release Distribution Services, government, and society. it's indisputable that during a few years we'll see new business models, during a similar thanks to what we lived with the web a couple of years ago,” says Victoria Gago, Co-founder of the EBC.

“We remain faithful our goal of accelerating, promoting and connecting the blockchain ecosystem in Europe. This online edition is a chance to extend exponentially our impact within the space. Never before in history has there been a platform with such a lot quality content about blockchain," says Daniel Salmerón, Co-founder of the EBC. " ICO Press Release Distribution service We expect to shatter our past attendance record and this translates into multiplying the networking opportunities for our attendees."

The novelty of this year are the highly specialized 45-minute workshops which will seek to delve into areas like Digital Identity in Blockchain or the way to design a decentralized mobility ecosystem, and which can tend by Daimler, Maersk and therefore the European Commission, among others. 

Bitrue merges CeFi & DeFi to become world's first hybrid exchange

Leading digital financial services platform Bitrue has today announced upgrades to its existing services which will introduce the advantages of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products to its existing Centralized Finance (CeFi) products. this may allow Bitrue to become the world’s first hybrid exchange, Affordable Press Release Services with further pushes into DeFi products planned for the longer term .

The first DeFi service are going to be a peer-to-peer matching engine connecting borrowers and lenders, with borrowers receiving interest on the coins they increase the liquidity pool. The service is predicted to launch in Q1 2021. Bitrue Financial Services are going to be supported through a replacement cryptocurrency token, Bitrue Finance Token (BFT), which can be distributed to Bitrue users starting in the week and listed in mid-September.

In keeping with the spirit of DeFi, Bitrue also will be implementing upgrades to their existing loan service , starting with a move to form publicly viewable the wallets that contain collateralized funds. The increased transparency are going to be a step towards giving users the maximum amount power over their finances as possible.

DeFi products have seen stratospheric growth in 2020 and represent a transparent future for the digital asset industry. during this nascent stage activity has focused almost exclusively on Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens, which excludes 70% of digital assets, including major coins like XRP. Bitrue’s new hybrid model will progressively facilitate cross-chain interaction of all major blockchains, thereby providing users with a one-stop buy all of their coins.

“The inherent trustless nature of DeFi means our users can always be 100% satisfied that they're getting fair deals. It fits perfectly with the very reason that we started Bitrue - to supply financial services that bring equitable opportunities to all or any people, rather than enriching the elite few at the highest . At Bitrue we've users with a good range of backgrounds and requirements - from ordinary users who are build up nest eggs to large institutions looking to regulate their risk. These people all have different requirements and expectations towards cryptocurrencies, and therefore the new capabilities ready to "> we will offer as a results of this hybrid model are going to be able to satisfy these wide-ranging needs.” said Curis Wang, CEO of Bitrue.

Launched in July 2018, Bitrue may be a diversified financial services platform with support for trading, loans, and investments. Bitrue aims to utilize blockchain technology to bring financial opportunities to everybody no matter their location or financial position. they need offices worldwide and still develop new features at a rapid speed to completely service the new wave of the digital economy.

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