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Finding the Right Press Release Services

 Small business marketing presents some unique challenges to business owners. Running a small or mid-sized business usually means you also have a tight marketing budget. At the same time, marketing is integral to getting word out about your products or services.

One of the most efficient ways to get news out about your product or service is by writing and submitting a press release. Though a lot of business owners who prefer a do-it-yourself Free Press Release Distribution Services like to write their own release as well, there are a lot of benefits to hiring the right press release service to handle it instead.

Press release writing can be time-consuming and can ultimately be a waste of time if you write it incorrectly. If you plan on submitting it to online submission sites you should know that there is specific criteria it must meet in order to get accepted, otherwise it winds up being rejected. Reporters as well as Online Press Release Submission Sites prefer a press release to be newsworthy and written in a straightforward manner, minus any advertising language. Taking short cuts to save money will only cost you in time down the road.

Investing in press release services can be a smart part of an affordable public relations campaign. Here are a few tips to finding the right press release services:

Assess how newsworthy you are

A good PR company will be able to help you with this of course, but you should also have some idea beforehand. Are you a nationally recognized corporation? Then you might want to enlist the help of a full service firm. But if you are a smaller company just looking to get a little media attention, then an agency that focuses on press release services will be a good and affordable fit.

Know who is behind the company

Is the work outsourced to dozens of writers armed with your information and a template or are they true writers? Even public relations professionals are sometimes not familiar with what reporters prefer in a release. A writer who has worked in the journalism field will have the expertise in knowing how a press release should be written. Does the firm provide services that include working with you to come up with story angles? If you aren't truly newsworthy your press release will go nowhere, but a public relations company that is experienced can work with you to find newsworthy angles that even you had not considered.

Whether you are a business owner that likes to take a hands on approach to your marketing or you're just interested in saving money, it's wise to consider outsourcing some portions of your public relations campaign. Research some prospective affordable public relations companies that specialize in getting your message to the media in a personalized manner. Choosing the right Affordable Press Release company can not only save you money in your public relations campaign but will also save you a lot of time.

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