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Use a Press Release Service to Drive Traffic to Your Site - 9 Reasons Why

Utilizing a press release service can be very beneficial for your company's website. Here are 9 ways a service will help drive targeted traffic to your site.

1) Not only will they identify who the targeted audience is, but also what the goals of the Affordable Press Release Network should be. By understanding those two points, they will be able to write a focused release and include the correct keywords.

2) Many search engine queries are done in order to solve problems. Understanding the issues of consumers and clearly stating a solution is a trait of a well-written PR will. This will increase the chances of the release to be found during searches.

3) They will consult the business for the best one or two keywords and phrases. Google AdWords Keyword Tool also assists in finding less competitive keywords that will still have a high search volume.

4) An effective press release service will understand where to strategically place the keywords. Not only in the heading, but also in the summary and the body. They will also place the link text to maximize optimization. Using keywords in a quote by a company president or employee is also effective.

5) One common problem of many PR's is to include the keywords too often. A PR service understands this and will work them into the release naturally without overdoing it. This will keep the release from being penalized by search engines.

6) Anchor text links, of various keywords, will be hyper-linked to other website pages. It's not enough to just link back to the main page of the website.

By adding three to five anchor text links to other pages, you increase the important links for search engine ranking. These can be linked-to pages that describe the company's service, products, features, and promotions, etc.

7) A press release written and distributed professionally can also include video and related images. Research shows that these can increase the click-through rate by up to 25 percent on standard and news services.

By adding a video you can also increase the time a viewer spends on the site. When adding an image to the release, a press release service will make sure they have the targeted keyword phrase in the image's file name.

8) Press releases are now usually being shared with social media through social bookmarking. A Free Press Release Distribution Services service will make it easy for readers to share the release in the many sites such as Digg, Twitter, and Facebook. These are beginning to have a huge effect on traffic driven to the company's websites.

9) Finally, a press release service knows how to write a release that engages readers without obviously promoting a company. They will keep the release relatively short (400 to 800 words maximum) which encourages the reader to finish the story.

Answering questions and solving problems of the consumer is the key. In the process, the release can subtly promote a product or service while providing valuable information.

If a company is unsure of the whole press release process, it would be wise to enlist an Affordable Press Release Website. They will take all the necessary steps to ensure that target traffic is driven to the company's website.

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