$2M settlement reached after Philadelphia police pull woman from car, beat her

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A $2 cardinal colony has been reached successful the lawsuit of a pistillate who was pulled from her car and beaten by Philadelphia constabulary successful October 2020.

Rickia Young was driving down Chestnut Street successful West Philadelphia with her 2-year-old lad erstwhile her mode was blocked by a societal justness protestation following the fatal shooting of Walter Wallace Jr.

Her attorneys say, contempt complying with a constabulary bid to crook around, officers inactive pulled the past 28-year-old parent from her conveyance and bushed her.

The incidental was videotaped and shared connected societal media.

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Young spoke retired Tuesday aft the metropolis agreed to the colony astir a twelvemonth later.

"I volition ne'er hide what those officers did to america that night," she said. "I anticipation that the officers liable volition ne'er person the accidental to bash thing similar this to different idiosyncratic ever again."

Two officers person since been fired for their roles successful this lawsuit and respective others were disciplined.

Still, Young's attorneys accidental that is not enough. They besides called connected District Attorney Larry Krasner to record transgression charges against the officers involved. No determination connected whether to record charges has been made.

Young's ineligible squad is besides suing the nationalist Fraternal Order of Police, accusing them of posting "misinformation" astir Young and her lad successful societal media posts. Most notably a station that showed an serviceman holding the boy, claiming helium was recovered wandering the streets unsocial during the civilian unrest, alternatively than being forcibly separated from his frantic mother.

"The symptom of seeing those images of my lad successful the arms of an serviceman and a horrible caption written to picture that representation whitethorn ne'er heal," Young said.

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More than a twelve officers are awaiting disciplinary hearings successful transportation with the case.

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