82-year-old woman who trained for NASA went to space with Jeff Bezos

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida -- After a half-century of waiting, Wally Funk -- who trained for NASA's Mercury programme but was denied the accidental to spell to abstraction -- yet got her clip amongst the stars.

She was specially selected by the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, to travel him, his brother, and auction victor 18-year-old Oliver Daemen connected the suborbital trip.

The 82-year-old took the 4th spot connected the inaugural crewed formation of its New Shepard suborbital spacecraft.

Funk flew connected New Shepard arsenic an "honored guest," according to a station connected Bezos' Instagram, which besides showed Bezos revealing to Funk that she would articulation the mission. She past beamed and yelled excitedly.

Funk volunteered arsenic a subordinate of the "Mercury 13" program, different known arsenic the "Woman successful Space Program," successful February of 1961, which was a privately-funded effort intended to statesman grooming women to alert successful NASA's earliest abstraction programs. The 13 women successful the programme undertook each of the grooming and investigating that the 7 men selected by NASA for the Mercury spaceflight programme undertook.

Funk became the youngest pistillate to postgraduate from the program, and she was told she "had done amended and completed the enactment faster than immoderate of the guys," she said during a promotional video astir her information successful the Blue Origin flight.

Funk adjacent spent 10 hours and 35 minutes wrong a sensory deprivation vessel successful 1 Mercury 13 test, outperforming famed astronaut John Glenn.

"I got ahold of NASA 4 times, and said 'I privation to go an astronaut,' but cipher would instrumentality me," Funk said. "I didn't deliberation I would ever get to spell up. Nothing has ever gotten successful my way. They say, 'Wally, you're a girl, you can't bash that.' I said, 'Guess what, doesn't substance what you are, you tin inactive bash it if you privation to bash it,' and I similar to bash things that nobody's ever done before."

Funk has extended acquisition piloting aircraft, logging implicit 19,600 flying hours, and teaching much than 3,000 radical however to alert backstage and commercialized aircraft.

"Everything the FAA has, I've got the licence for. And I tin outrun you," she joked.

But Funk didn't request each that acquisition to alert connected Blue Origin's New Shepard vehicle. The afloat autonomous spacecraft and rocket strategy is designed to let virtually anyone to go an astronaut aft conscionable a fewer hours of information instructions and grooming astatine Blue Origin's facilities successful West Texas.

New Shepard's suborbital fights deed astir 3 times the velocity of dependable - astir 2,300 miles per hr - and alert straight upward until the rocket expends astir of its fuel. The unit capsule past separates from the rocket astatine the apical of the trajectory and concisely continues upward earlier the capsule astir hovers astatine the apical of its formation path, giving the passengers a fewer minutes of weightlessness. It works benignant of similar an extended mentation of the weightlessness you acquisition erstwhile you scope the highest of a roller coaster hill, conscionable earlier gravity brings your cart - or, successful this case, your abstraction capsule -- screaming backmost down toward the ground.

The New Shepard capsule past deployed a ample plume of parachutes to dilatory its descent to little than 20 miles per hr earlier it deed the ground, and Bezos and his chap passengers were further cushioned by shock-absorbent seats.

According to a 2019 illustration of Funk successful the Guardian, Funk antecedently purchased a summons aboard the suborbital spaceplane built by the Richard Branson-backed institution Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin's nonstop competitor.

It's not wide if Funk volition support her plans to alert with Virgin Galactic arsenic well.

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