95-year-old Bucks County resident flying high with Philadelphia Glider Council

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DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The pandemic has led galore astir the portion to question retired caller hobbies and experiences, including 1 95-year-old Bucks County nonmigratory who's proving it's ne'er excessively precocious to effort thing new.

Wesley Enhanced Living nonmigratory George Coulton says helium doesn't look for adventure, but helium precocious seized the accidental for high-flying amusive successful a glider with the Philadelphia Glider Council, oregon PGC. Coulton visited the PGC's gliderport successful Hilltown, Pennsylvania for the experience.

"I'm 95, I mightiness arsenic good bash it. I ever wanted to fly," helium said.

Josh Muska took residents connected the gliding travel arsenic portion of the WEL Wishes programme astatine Wesley Enhanced Living successful Doylestown, wherever helium serves arsenic the fittingness coordinator.

"The WEL Wishes programme is getting residents to bash things that they've ever wanted to do," helium explained. "We privation to marque those wishes happen."

30-year PGC subordinate Phil Klauder was Coulton's formation instructor.

"We're a nine of astir 100 members that conscionable bask soaring. We are celebrating our 80th day this year," helium said.

Klauder says the glider they are riding successful volition ascend to 3,000 feet. Then they volition instrumentality an aerial circuit astir Bucks County and spot the sights.

A tow level is utilized to get the glider into the aerial and erstwhile they scope the close altitude, the glider is released.

"You're moving with nature, truthful without an engine, we're ever coming down done the air," said Klauder.

PGC President Dave Johnson says erstwhile gliding, you're perpetually reasoning astir your adjacent move.

"For each foot, it drops, it volition spell 36 feet guardant and the instrumentality is to effort and find a pouch of aerial that's moving up," helium explained.

Luckily for Klauder and Coulton, determination were bluish skies and plentifulness of puffy, cumulus clouds connected the day of their flight. Klauder says each 1 of those clouds sits astatine the apical of immoderate assistance for the glider.

Coulton commented during the glider formation that he's "having fun."

"It's beauteous exciting," said Muska. "That they get to spell retired and effort thing new."

But what goes up, indispensable travel down. After landing, Coulton describes the acquisition arsenic "a bully ride."

"It's a joyousness each clip I get to stock flying with idiosyncratic else," said Klauder.

And Coulton was a satisfied passenger. "I loved it. I privation to bash it again," helium says.

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