Abstract artist creates business making one of a kind backdrops

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Merced, CA -- As you locomotion up to Jessica Raye Dekker's studio, you'll announcement the speckles of overgarment connected the driveway and trashcans nearby. "Before we renovated our garage, I'd overgarment successful the driveway and I'd ever look to overgarment connected Tuesdays, which was trash day," recounts Dekker. "So I'd beryllium coating erstwhile the trash was the astir full. So erstwhile radical spot my studio, I anticipation they cognize I haven't had this the full clip and I've been virtually coating with trash and toddlers moving around."

Dekker owns JRD Art Shop, wherever she creates 1 of a benignant backdrops and styling mattes for photographers and different creatives. Each portion is hand-painted by her. "I started selling my abstract creation successful 2016. Then a section lensman came to maine to inquire if I could make thing similar that but connected a larger scale, similar 8 feet by 12 feet. I thought, yea I could bash that!"

Over the people of a month, Dekker paints mattes and backdrops of antithetic sizes and colors, taking polls connected her Instagram leafage to gauge interest. Then erstwhile a month, she launces her postulation for merchantability connected her website JRDartshop.com. Her creations person rapidly go immoderate of the astir sought retired backdrops and accessories successful the photography industry. As for those who mightiness spell consecutive to the large container stores to get their backdrops, Dekker says "there's a extent and magnitude to thing that's original, that you conscionable can't get erstwhile you print. There's texture and layers that travel to beingness down a camera and you conscionable can't replicate that."

Although Dekker's creation is her passion, she hopes that being a enactment astatine location ma that besides makes clip for her business, inspires different women to find clip for themselves doing thing they love. "I've fought the feelings of is this selfish of me? To person a babysitter truthful I tin person clip to overgarment and bash thing I love? It's not selfish, it's taking attraction of myself. If I'm not putting myself first, similar I bash with my family, what americium I offering to my household arsenic a mom, arsenic a wife? It's precise important for maine to amusement up arsenic the ma I privation to beryllium and the woman I privation to be."

But astir of all, she wants her creation to beryllium a means of connection. "It's truthful overmuch much than art. It's truthful overmuch much than a business. It's being capable to genuinely link with people."

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