AccuWeather: Air Quality Alert, Scattered Severe Storms tomorrow

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Hazy sunshine and somewhat higher humidity volition beryllium the themes of your Tuesday, on with mediocre aerial prime acknowledgment to fume from occidental wildfires which is filtering into our region. The precocious deed 88 degrees.

TONIGHT: A fewer spotty showers are imaginable this evening, particularly successful the Poconos, the Lehigh Valley and different bluish areas. It's inactive a spot humid. The debased is 74.

WEDNESDAY: Clouds volition premix with sunshine. It's inactive blistery and somewhat humid with a precocious of 88. Watch for a ablution oregon a thunderstorm astir successful the afternoon. Any precipitation should beryllium implicit by precise aboriginal successful the evening.

THURSDAY: In the aftermath of the erstwhile evening's showers, a flood of dry, much comfy aerial rushes into the portion and Thursday looks similar an implicit quality with plentifulness of sunshine and debased humidity. The precocious dips to a seasonable 84.

FRIDAY: Intervals of clouds and prima are expected with a spotty ablution astir during the afternoon, but humidity remains debased and overall, this is different precise bully day. The precocious is 85.

SATURDAY: It's a beauteous commencement to the play with partially sunny skies, delightfully debased humidity and different bully summertime precocious astir 87.

SUNDAY: Clouds summation during the time and the humidity creeps backmost up a bit. A thunderstorm can't beryllium ruled retired precocious successful the time oregon astatine night. The precocious is 86.

MONDAY: Clouds premix with immoderate sun. It's blistery and humid with with a ablution oregon a thunderstorm possible. The precocious is 90.

TUESDAY: Look for a partially sunny, blistery time with a precocious of 91.

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