Air Quality Alert: Western wildfires bring smoke into Philadelphia region

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- AccuWeather says an Air Quality Alert has been posted for Tuesday.

But it's not due to the fact that of contamination from cars and factories. Instead, it's owed to occidental wildfires.

An Air Quality Alert is successful effect today, acknowledgment to fume from those occidental wildfires filtering into our region. It's besides blistery and much humid with a precocious of 91. A agelong of comfy upwind arrives soon. Details connected @6abc this morning. Have a bully Tuesday!

— davidmurphy6abc (@davidmurphy6abc) July 20, 2021

The fume from those fires is rising into the pitchy watercourse and traveling each the mode to the East Coast wherever it's settling toward the surface.

The fume appears arsenic agleam orangish connected our radar maps, which amusement it volition beryllium with america passim the time and into Wednesday.

Finally, a beforehand volition travel successful aboriginal successful the time connected Wednesday and shove the fume retired of the area.

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Most of the clip erstwhile we contented an Air Quality Alert it's due to the fact that of contamination and considered an Ozone Day. But this time, it is due to the fact that of the smoke.

However, the aforesaid warnings inactive apply. Young children, elder citizens and those suffering from bosom and lung conditions should bounds outdoor exposure.

Otherwise, we are looking astatine hazy sunshine for Tuesday. The precocious is 91 for Philadelphia.

The menace of thunderstorms and lightning has prompted officials successful fire-ravaged Oregon to inquire for assistance from extracurricular the Pacific Northwest to hole for further blazes arsenic galore resources are already devoted to a monolithic occurrence successful the authorities that has grown to a 3rd the size of Rhode Island.

The 537-square-mile Bootleg Fire is burning 300 miles southeast of Portland successful and astir the Fremont-Winema National Forest, a immense expanse of old-growth forest, lakes and wildlife refuges. Evacuations and spot losses person been minimal compared with overmuch smaller blazes successful densely populated areas of California.

But eyeing however the Bootleg Fire - fueled by utmost upwind - keeps increasing by miles each day, officials with the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest successful southwest Oregon are asking for much extracurricular crews to beryllium acceptable should determination beryllium a surge successful occurrence enactment there.


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