Alleged racial slurs, issues with property lines at center of Bucks County neighbor dispute

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FAIRLESS HILLS, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Issues with h2o runoff, spot lines, existent estate, and alleged radical slurs are astatine the halfway of a agelong and distressing quality betwixt neighbors successful a Bucks County community.

At first, things started good erstwhile Shakima Landsmark and her lad moved into their caller location 4 years ago.

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"We were told by idiosyncratic that we integrated the block," she said.

But she said not each of her neighbors welcomed her close away. Daniel Taylor, the neighbour adjacent door, seemed good for a while.

"The problems began erstwhile I started mounting boundaries," she said.
Coincidentally, boundaries are 1 of the problems that Taylor had with the 1 ft of abstraction that connects their property.

"It turned into them saying 'that's portion of our property," said Landsmark who would often find Taylor successful her backyard. "They're mowing, successful my backyard, their portion of grass."

Even aft calling retired a surveyor, the issues continued to the constituent wherever Landsmark wanted to move, but she was incapable to bash that, she said, due to the fact that of Taylor.

"That neighbour was coming extracurricular to realtors and imaginable buyers and telling them that I was successful litigation with the township for h2o damage," she said.

She recovered retired astir it done her realtor, who directed her to telephone the constabulary since the alleged enactment was illegal. Police came to Taylor's location to contented a informing to him.

According to a video and an apprehension affidavit obtained by Action News, Taylor yelled astatine the responding constabulary officer. The affidavit besides said that, connected different occasion, the neighbour crossed the street, Linda-Marie Ann Black, yelled radical slurs astatine Landsmark and her son.

Both Black and Taylor were charged with harassment. Landsmark said that Black was ordered to acquisition diverseness training. Taylor declined to remark connected the contented to 6ABC, but helium denied utilizing the n-word against Landsmark and her son.

"Color means thing to me," helium said portion concisely speaking with Action News.

A justice sided against Taylor implicit the spot enactment dispute, but Landsmark thinks the contented is acold from done.
It's the benignant of concern that Sue Wasserkrug has dealt with successful her enactment with CORA Good Shepherd Mediation, a non-profit that operates connected a sliding standard to assistance radical settee issues including neighbour disputes.

"Neighbor disputes are a information of life. Conflict itself is simply a information of life," she said.

She recommends archetypal trying to speech with your neighbour if you're having an issue. But says, if you're "going successful circles" with them, it's apt clip to question retired assistance from a mediator. She said it's omniscient to papers incidents involving neighbour disputes, and anyone who feels threatened by their neighbour should measurement their options of getting the constabulary involved. But, oftentimes, it doesn't request to spell that far.

"There are truthful galore neighbour disputes that tin beryllium worked retired conscionable by talking done it possibly with immoderate assistance," she said.

Since talking wasn't a palmy maneuver for Landsmark, she inactive plans to merchantability her location and move.

"This is nary mode to live," she said.

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