Aussie medal chance makes shock withdrawal

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The men's cycling roadworthy contention is underway with 48 riders who lone conscionable completed the Tour de France taking portion successful the Tokyo Olympics event.

There was immoderate contention successful the lead-up to the contention though.

Australia is without cyclist Rohan Dennis for the men's Olympic roadworthy race, though it's not due to the fact that of a affirmative trial for COVID-19.

Dennis chose to skip the race, which is taking spot connected a brutal people done searing vigor that hardly suits his skillset, truthful that helium tin absorption alternatively connected adjacent week's clip trial.

Aussie cyclist Rohan Dennis (Getty)

Dennis, who has won stages successful each of the 3 Grand Tours, is besides 1 of the champion successful the satellite successful the contention against the clock. He's a two-time clip proceedings satellite champion, helped Australia triumph squad pursuit metallic astatine the 2012 London Games and is simply a erstwhile satellite hour-record holder.

He was successful medal contention astatine the Rio Games successful the clip trial, but helium had a mechanical contented that required a motorcycle alteration and took him retired of the running.

Unfortunately COVID-19 did interaction the men's tract earlier the contention started.


German cyclist was ruled retired of the men's roadworthy contention aft investigating affirmative for the coronavirus. The German squad says Geschke initially tested affirmative Friday and his effect was confirmed by different trial aboriginal successful the day.

Germany says chap riders Nikias Arndt and Maximilian Schachmann are cleared to contention Saturday. The 4th rider connected the team, Emanuel Buchmann, was Geschke's roommate and was waiting overnight connected the effect of different PCR trial for the virus. Team unit tested negative.

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Geschke was a signifier victor connected the Tour de France successful 2015. The German roadworthy contention squad is surviving successful a edifice and not successful the Olympic Village. Geschke says helium followed the hygiene rules astatine the Olympics. He adds that "I consciousness good physically but emotionally it's a truly unspeakable time for me."

Meanwhile, the full Spanish cycling squad was cleared conscionable hours earlier the start, ending a stressful play of limbo pursuing a affirmative COVID-19 trial involving a squad masseuse.

Alejandro Valverde, Gorka Izagirre, Ion Izagirre, Omar Fraile and Jesus Herrada were considered adjacent contacts of the masseuse, but each returned antagonistic trial results that allowed them to marque the commencement astatine Musashinonomori Park connected Saturday.

Spain has 1 of the strongest teams successful the men's roadworthy race, which volition decorativeness astatine Fuji International Speedway. Valverde, Fraile and Ion Izagirre successful peculiar person skillsets that are perfectly suited for the mountainous course.

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