Boat runs aground on beach in North Wildwood, New Jersey

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NORTH WILDWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A vessel ran aground connected a formation successful North Wildwood, New Jersey connected Tuesday.

Photos and video from the country amusement the vessel astatine remainder connected the formation adjacent 13th Street with a assemblage of onlookers nearby.

Police officers could beryllium seen adjacent the boat.

It's not yet known however the vessel ended up connected the formation oregon if anyone was injured.

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Plane lands connected Ocean City bridge

This incidental comes conscionable 1 time aft different antithetic incidental astatine the Jersey shore.

On Monday afternoon, a aviator landed a banner level connected the 9th Street Bridge, which connects Ocean City and Somers Point successful Cape May County.

Landon Lucas, an 18-year-old flying for Paramount Air Service, reported that his level began to acquisition motor occupation arsenic helium was flying adjacent Steel Pier successful Atlantic City, officials said.

He released his banner into the water and was attempting to scope Ocean City Municipal Airport erstwhile helium spotted a spread successful postulation successful the westbound lanes of the causeway.

Lucas landed the level with nary harm to the aircraft, and nary wounded to himself oregon immoderate drivers, officials said.

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