Breakthrough COVID cases: Doctor explains your chances of contracting virus after vaccination

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MARIN COUNTY, Calif. -- As the Delta variant spreads, we are learning much astir breakthrough COVID-19 cases.

Numbers from California's authorities wellness section assistance enactment into position what the chances are of getting coronavirus aft being vaccinated -- and conscionable however risky it is.

According to the California Department of Public Health, 20.7 cardinal Californians person been afloat vaccinated. Roughly 14,000 of those radical (about 1 successful each 1,441) person since contracted COVID-19.

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A fraction of those, 843, person led to hospitalizations. Even fewer, 88, person led to death. (That fig could adjacent beryllium less, arsenic wellness officials caution that successful immoderate of these cases it is unclear if COVID-19 was the superior origin of death.)

In gist: It's inactive extraordinarily rare, astir a 1 successful 235,227 accidental you'll dice from coronavirus aft being vaccinated, according to the latest data.

"It's important for radical to admit that the vaccine is precise powerfully protective against terrible unwellness and death," Dr. Matt Willis, nationalist wellness manager for Marin County successful Northern California told our sister presumption KGO-TV. "And erstwhile we are seeing these breakthrough cases they are asymptomatic, nary symptoms astatine all, oregon mildly symptomatic similar acold symptoms."

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He says a immense bulk of the hospitalizations of vaccinated radical are among the aged oregon immunocompromised.

Willis added that his region has seen nary relation betwixt the benignant of vaccine a idiosyncratic received and whether they are astatine higher hazard for a breakthrough case.

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Dr. Willis said radical request to retrieve immunity should beryllium thought of arsenic a continuum, and the vaccine arsenic a dimmer switch.

"It's much similar a dimmer power than it is simply a airy switch. It's not an connected and off. It's connected a continuum of protection," helium said. "And I deliberation that's an important connection due to the fact that otherwise, radical mightiness construe breakthrough cases arsenic a motion the vaccine is not effective."

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