Britney Spears' testimony on conservatorship fight sparks legislative push

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Prompted by Britney Spears' conservatorship fight, a bipartisan legislative effort has emerged to betterment the process created to support the rights of much than 1 cardinal radical crossed the United States nether the protective arrangements.

On Tuesday, Reps. Charlie Crist and Nancy Mace unveiled "The Free Britney Act," designed to springiness much options to radical placed nether conservatorships. Those see the quality to speech astir their situations with caseworkers - implicit immoderate objections from their conservators - and petition a tribunal to regenerate their conservators without having to "prove wrongdoing oregon malfeasance."

"This is conscionable a commonsense attack to doing what is right, to making definite that rights are balanced," Crist, a Florida Democrat, said during a virtual quality league connected Tuesday.

Both Mace, a Republican from South Carolina, and Crist said it was Spears' passionate plea past period that a justice extremity the conservatorship that controls her beingness and wealth that spurred their proposal.

"What she had was an accidental to bash is bring to light, to radiance a light, connected those abuses," Mace said. "Her concern is simply a nightmare, and if it tin hap to Britney Spears, it tin hap to anyone successful this country."

Speaking successful unfastened court, Spears condemned her begetter and others who power the conservatorship, enactment successful spot arsenic Spears underwent a intelligence wellness situation successful 2008. Spears said that the statement has compelled her to usage commencement power and instrumentality different medications against her will, and prevented her from getting joined oregon having different child.

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Spears' begetter and his attorneys person emphasized that she and her fortune, which tribunal records enactment astatine much than $50 million, stay susceptible to fraud and manipulation. Under existent law, the load is connected Spears to beryllium she is competent earlier the lawsuit could end.

Mace and Crist said they expected much bipartisan enactment for the measure, which would besides supply astatine slightest $260 cardinal successful assistance funds for states to prosecute caseworkers oregon conservators.

The #FreeBritney question has already crossed enactment lines.

"Everyone deserves power implicit their ain body. Period," U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, the fourth-ranking House Democrat, tweeted past period pursuing Spears' testimony.

Some House Republicans person invited Spears to attest earlier Congress. The governmental limb of the House Republican caucus sent texts that described Ms. Spears arsenic "a unfortunate of toxic gov't overreach & censorship."

Earlier this month, Florida Republican U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, a adjacent state of erstwhile President Donald Trump, made a little quality addressing the Spears supporters extracurricular the downtown Los Angeles courthouse, astatine 1 constituent shouting "Free Britney!"

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