Central Bucks School District says masks will be optional for upcoming school year

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DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Central Bucks School District officials accidental masks volition beryllium optional for students and unit for the upcoming schoolhouse year.

"Masking volition beryllium optional successful schools and connected buses, and the territory is not requiring impervious of COVID vaccination," work a information of a missive to parents.

Officials accidental their determination was developed successful consultation with the Bucks County Health Department, but authorities and national recommendations were besides taken into consideration.

Jackson Cunnane and Aubrey Grzywacz, some seniors astatine the district, hold with the decision.

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"I deliberation that's it's bully to person the choice," said Grzywacz.

Neighbor Jan Kaupas, who has grandchildren wrong the district, besides agrees.

"I deliberation that's up to parents alternatively than the schoolhouse board," said Kaupas.

But not everyone is connected board. Indu Nayak's girl is astir to crook 12 years aged and says she volition beryllium wearing a mask.

"We are going to bash that due to the fact that arsenic I said, she's yet to beryllium vaccinated," said Nayak.

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As it stands now, the CDC is not recommending each students and unit deterioration masks, alternatively lone those unvaccinated.

But conscionable this past Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that each students implicit 2 years aged and unit should deterioration masks, careless of whether they person been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Even with COVID cases connected the emergence with the Delta variant infecting chiefly those not vaccinated, Ken Anderson is supporting the decision. His girl is heading into the 10th people astatine Central Bucks West High School.

"I deliberation it's fine. I deliberation that's what the subject says. I person religion successful the schoolhouse district," said Anderson.

The schoolhouse territory besides says its wellness and information program volition beryllium discussed astatine the upcoming July 27, 2021 meeting.

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