Comfort dog injured at site of Florida condo collapse returns home to Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A canine who served arsenic an affectional alleviation canine aft the Surfside, Florida condo illness is present backmost location successful Philadelphia.

Teddy, the 6-year-old trained situation effect dog, got wounded portion helping excavation done the monolithic piles of rubble. Sophia Barrett, his owner, said helium backmost legs stopped moving and the wounded made the travel location much difficult.

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His vet said flying location connected a commercialized hose would beryllium excessively stressful and a agelong thrust would beryllium excessively hard connected him. So, Barrett made an entreaty for assistance and a bully Samaritan stepped in.

"When I'm having atrocious day, my canine puts a grin connected my face," said Titan Aviation Group Owner Dirk Vander Sterre. "What helium was doing down determination was great. As soon arsenic I saw it, I wanted to beryllium involved."

Vander Sterre's institution offered a thrust connected a Hawker 800 XP 8-seater airplane.

Teddy received first-class service.

"He was retired determination and worked his bosom retired to conscionable each those radical and to springiness them a lick and beryllium affable with them," said Jeff Barrett, Sophia's father.

Welcome home, Teddy.

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