Eagles DE Ryan Kerrigan helps rescue bulldogs

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Ryan Kerrigan hounded Eagles quarterbacks for 10 years successful Washington. His 13.5 sacks against the Birds are tied for the astir against immoderate squad successful the NFL.

But present he's moving with them.

After a astonishing signing successful May, he's acceptable for his archetypal Eagles grooming camp.
"Surprisingly it wasn't precise weird putting connected Eagles worldly during OTAs," Kerrigan tells 6abc sportscaster Jeff Skversky. "I'm fired up, acceptable to get rolling with the Birds."

Kerrigan has much QB hits against the Eagles than immoderate different team. The 6-foot-4-inch, 265-pound lineman is simply a elephantine connected the field. But disconnected the field, he's a gentle giant. Kerrigan and his woman Jessica rescue bulldogs.

"If it's up to my wife, we would person a 101 Dalmatians here," Kerrigan says with a elephantine smile.

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His wife's passionateness has rubbed disconnected connected him. The Kerrigans person rescued 4 bulldogs and presently person 2 surviving with them: Truman, a French bulldog who is blind, and Kennedy, an English bulldog who was surviving connected the streets successful China with terrible tegument disorder.

"When you realize, if you won't springiness a canine a home, who is? It hits ya. We had to astatine slightest person to springiness it a shot," Kerrigan says.

The Kerrigans person done much than conscionable springiness it a shot, these dogs are a large portion of their family. They've been a portion of babe announcements, and they springiness backmost conscionable arsenic overmuch emotion arsenic they've received.

"It's been truly awesome and rewarding. I've seen situations wherever they've travel from and beauteous unsmooth conditions. To cognize they are homing them well, it's specified a portion of our family. It makes it rewarding and we are fortunate to person them," Kerrigan says.

Kerrigan has recovered a caller location successful Philadelphia and helium wants to proceed to find a caller location for dogs successful need.

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