Follow a daring rocket blast over Snake River Canyon in 'Stuntman' on Disney+

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NEW YORK -- He has 1 of the astir unsafe jobs successful Hollywood, and yet helium keeps going backmost for more! Stuntman Eddie Braun gives you an wrong look astatine his beingness and his stunts successful the caller Disney+ documentary "Stuntman."

"I was trying to effort thing that nary 1 other had before, adjacent my hero," Braun said. "But, erstwhile I did I felt precise self-fulfilled."

His vocation started with his emotion and admiration of legendary stuntman Evel Knievel. The documentary follows his tendency to decorativeness what his leader started - making it crossed Snake River Canyon successful a rocket!

"I was similar tin I movie that, is anyone documenting this?" Director Kurt Mattila said. "And helium said, 'Well would you similar to?' And I said, 'Yes sir, wherever bash I sign?'"

"I deliberation each small lad oregon each small kid wanted to beryllium similar Evel Knievel," Braun said. "I thought what amended homage than to decorativeness the imagination of my hero."

Braun teams up with Scott Truax, the lad of the NASA rocket idiosyncratic who built Evel's archetypal doomed rocket and unneurotic they anticipation to wide the canyon on with the Truax household name.

"We lone had 1 accidental to seizure it," Matilla said. "It was wide that we had to get arsenic galore cameras arsenic we could bring to Twin Falls, Idaho connected that time of the launch.

Although helium says astatine times, he's thought astir retiring, helium admits, he'd ne'er get afloat retired of the game.

"I'm transitioning from physically doing stunts," Braun said. "We started a accumulation institution called 'Driven Pictures' and 'Stuntman' is our archetypal film."

Matilla and Bruan's accumulation institution has immoderate celebrated backers.

"'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia from 7 Bucks Productions embraced our project," Braun said.

Braun has performed stunts connected television's biggest and astir fashionable enactment series, including shows similar "The Dukes of Hazzard," "The Fall Guy," "CHiPS" and "The A-Team."

He's besides worked connected diagnostic films, commercials, and euphony videos for A-list signaling artists similar Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Madonna. His enactment tin beryllium seen successful large container bureau movies similar "Argo," "Transformers," and "The Avengers."

You tin watercourse "Stuntman" connected Disney+ starting this Friday, July 23.

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