Frankford shooting and crash, minutes apart, possibly connected: Police

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A antheral is recovering aft being changeable and a pistillate walked distant from an overturned conveyance pursuing 2 perchance connected incidents successful the Frankford conception of Philadelphia.

The 2 scenes occurred minutes from 1 different and wrong a fractional a artifact distance.

It started astir 3 a.m. Friday erstwhile a 34-year-old antheral was changeable connected the 4200 artifact of Paul Street.

Investigators accidental the unfortunate was recovered extracurricular of his ex-girlfriend's house, wherever helium utilized to unrecorded with the pistillate and their 3 children. However, constabulary accidental helium should not person been determination arsenic the ex-girlfriend has a restraining bid against him.

When constabulary arrived, they recovered the antheral had been changeable successful the enarthrosis and leg. He was taken to the infirmary successful unchangeable condition.

The antheral told constabulary idiosyncratic approached him and attempted to rob him. He said the robber did not instrumentality anything, but changeable him.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said aft identifying the shooting victim, officers realized helium was wanted connected respective warrants.

"Not lone is helium a unfortunate of a shooting, he's besides being held arsenic a captive due to the fact that he's successful wanted status," Small said.

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Then, a fewer minutes aboriginal connected Salem Street, which is astir the country from the shooting, a Toyota Prius deed a parked conveyance and overturned.

Philadelphia constabulary arrived connected the country to find a pistillate trying to marque her mode retired of the wreckage.

"There is simply a 39-year-old pistillate climbing retired the rider doorway model of this overturned vehicle," Small said.

Police assisted the woman. She suffered scrapes and bruises, but, Small said, she refused aesculapian treatment.

The pistillate told constabulary she is simply a Lyft operator and she rents the Prius for her job. She said astatine the clip of the crash, she was off-duty and was a rider successful the vehicle. She had fto a person thrust the car.

Two males were besides successful the vehicle. The pistillate said each 3 fled connected ft pursuing the crash.

"She's the lone 1 who remains with the vehicle," Small said.

Police accidental they cognize the identities of those 3 people.

Police are investigating if the shooting and clang are connected.

"The information that the shooting took spot conscionable minutes earlier the car mishap and the streets are close adjacent to each other, there's a anticipation the overturned conveyance is related to the shooting of the 34-year-old male," Small said.

Small said they are looking into whether the conveyance was speeding from the shooting country anterior to the crash.

Both the shooting and mishap were recorded connected surveillance camera, Small said.

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