Gun violence surge: ATF launches 'Crime Gun Enforcement Team' in Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- With much than 1,200 radical changeable successful Philadelphia this year, the weapon unit situation has garnered the attraction of national agencies, section leaders and astir of each metropolis residents.

So what's being done to stem the tide?

ABC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas rode on with Philadelphia constabulary Wednesday nighttime into Thursday morning.

He was determination astatine Pat's King of Steaks soon 36-year-old Paul Burkert of Reading, Pa. allegedly changeable and killed 23-year-old David Padro of Camden, New Jersey.

Police accidental the sidesplitting happened after an statement implicit a parking spot.

In an exclusive interview, Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said transgression information is driving their organisation of resources.

"We cognize its a tiny radical of radical that's driving a batch of, the larger proportionality of our transgression city-wide," said Commissioner Outlaw.

She says much officers tin beryllium recovered successful high-crime neighborhoods.

"It doesn't mean that we're neglecting the remainder of the city, it means these areas are driving the numbers," she said.

In an effort to garner much resources, Congressman Dwight Evans sent letters to Mayor Jim Kenney and President Joe Biden connected Friday.

"We person an epidemic. We person a crisis," said Congressman Evans.

On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a crackdown connected 5 precocious weapon proviso areas. That database excluded Philadelphia.

Congressman Evans wrote the president to promote further ATF absorption successful Philadelphia.

"We indispensable beryllium definite that this metropolis gets each the resources and efforts it needs," said Evans.

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The ATF has created a Crime Gun Enforcement Team successful Philadelphia. It's portion of an "All Hands connected Deck" inaugural with Philadelphia Police, determination FBI, ATF and the U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

That crackdown programme started successful aboriginal April.

The ATF tells Action News that due to the fact that of this caller enforcement team, the clip it takes to link slug casings fired astatine transgression scenes to transgression guns recovered has been chopped down from months to days.

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