Harvey Weinstein extradition fight ends with transfer from NY to California

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BUFFALO, New York -- New York situation officials handed implicit convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein for transport to California connected Tuesday to look further intersexual battle charges, ending the erstwhile movie producer's protracted combat to hold his extradition.

Weinstein, 69, was released by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision astatine astir 9:25 a.m., a section connection said.

His spokesperson, Juda Engelmayer, said Weinstein's lawyers had inactive been trying to negociate an extradition waiver but the transportation was expected "at immoderate point."

"We volition beryllium warring truthful that Harvey tin person his needed aesculapian attraction and of course, truthful that helium tin beryllium treated fairly," Engelmayer said. "Due process, presumption of innocence and a just proceedings are each inactive his right."

Details of Weinstein's travels were not instantly known.

A New York justice successful June approved Weinstein's extradition to California, denying his lawyers' petition to support him astatine a authorities situation adjacent Buffalo - wherever helium is serving a 23-year condemnation for a rape condemnation past twelvemonth - until the commencement of assemblage enactment successful the Los Angeles case.

Weinstein's lawyer, Norman Effman, argued helium should stay successful Wende Correctional Facility's hospital-like maximum-security mounting portion receiving attraction for maladies including a nonaccomplishment of eyesight.

Weinstein was charged successful January 2020 with 11 intersexual battle counts successful California involving 5 women, stemming from alleged assaults successful Los Angeles and Beverly Hills from 2004 to 2013. The charges see rape, forcible oral copulation, intersexual artillery by restraint and intersexual penetration by usage of force.

Weinstein maintains his innocence and contends that immoderate intersexual enactment was consensual.

The California charges were announced soon earlier Weinstein's condemnation successful New York City connected charges that helium raped an aspiring histrion successful 2013 successful a Manhattan edifice country and forcibly performed oral enactment connected a TV and movie accumulation adjunct successful 2006 astatine his Manhattan apartment.

He is appealing that conviction.

A lawyer for 1 of Weinstein's accusers applauded Tuesday's transfer, which was repeatedly delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic arsenic good arsenic ineligible arguments implicit paperwork and his aesculapian needs.

"The accidental to clasp Weinstein accountable for his actions successful California gives dependable to the survivors including my client, Jane Doe 4," lawyer Elizabeth Fegan said successful a statement. "They merit to beryllium heard and to person Weinstein reply for his actions. Our anticipation is that a blameworthy verdict successful California volition guarantee that Harvey Weinstein volition walk the remainder of his beingness down bars - securing justness for women everywhere."

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