Harvey Weinstein indicted for allegedly sexually assaulting 5 women, LA County DA announces

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LOS ANGELES -- Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein has been indicted is Los Angeles County connected charges that helium sexually assaulted 5 women successful abstracted incidents that span astir a decade, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Weinstein made his archetypal tribunal quality connected Wednesday morning, the time aft helium was extradited from New York. He pleaded not blameworthy to 4 counts each of forcible rape and forcible oral copulation, 2 counts of intersexual artillery by restraint and 1 number of intersexual penetration by usage of force, the the L.A. County territory attorney's bureau said.

"Anyone who abuses their powerfulness and power to prey upon others volition beryllium brought to justice," District Attorney George Gascón said successful a statement.

Weinstein is charged with raping a pistillate astatine a edifice betwixt September 2004 and September 2005, according to a quality release. He besides is accused of raping different pistillate connected 2 abstracted occasions successful November 2009 and November 2010 astatine a edifice successful Beverly Hills.

The charges besides see the intersexual battle of different pistillate astatine a Beverly Hills edifice successful May 2010, and the intersexual battle of 2 women during abstracted incidents successful 2013.

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A expansive assemblage returned the indictment connected March 15. The erstwhile Hollywood shaper is scheduled to instrumentality to tribunal connected July 29.

The lawsuit is being investigated by the DA's office, and the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills constabulary departments.

New York situation officials handed implicit Weinstein for transport to California connected Tuesday to look further intersexual battle charges, ending his protracted combat to hold his extradition.
Weinstein, 69, was released by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision astatine astir 9:25 a.m., a section connection said.

His spokesperson, Juda Engelmayer, said Weinstein's lawyers had inactive been trying to negociate an extradition waiver.

"We volition beryllium warring truthful that Harvey tin person his needed aesculapian attraction and of course, truthful that helium tin beryllium treated fairly," Engelmayer said. "Due process, presumption of innocence and a just proceedings are each inactive his right."

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