How to protect yourself against what cyber security experts call new wave of social media scams

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HOUSTON (WPVI) -- We unrecorded successful a clip wherever radical tin beryllium highly babelike connected societal media. After all, it's an outlet for vocation maturation and support. It's besides made galore rather vulnerable.

Now, cyber information experts are seeing however scammers and hackers are taking vantage of that vulnerability successful a caller epoch of scams.

"It's overmuch easier for criminals today," said cyber information adept Ondrej Krehel.

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Krehel is talking astir hackers connected Facebook and Instagram.

"Instagram seems to beryllium a platform, which has a precocious level of trust," said Krehel.

Users spell unrecorded connected societal media, they're capable to station stories successful existent time, and galore stock idiosyncratic moments and grief.

Shortly aft well-known Houston promoter Keith Nelson asked his 34,000 followers to commune for his mom, who was suffering from a stroke, his Instagram relationship was hacked.

The scammer messaged hundreds of friends requesting wealth to assistance Nelson's mother. In respective messages, the hacker, who posed arsenic Nelson, would write, 'I'm present with my ma and doctors.'"

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"It's benignant of frustrating, utilizing my mom," said Nelson. "People were texting maine portion I'm successful the infirmary like, 'Hey, bash you inactive request that money?'"

Here are immoderate tips cyber information experts accidental volition assistance support you from becoming a victim.

  • Use antithetic passwords for each of your societal media accounts.
  • Be definite to crook connected the 2-step verification feature. This is an other furniture of information successful lawsuit your password is stolen.
  • Create caller email addresses to nexus to your societal media accounts.

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