Incredible chainsaw carver turns ordinary wood into art

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DICKINSON, Texas -- Some artists uses a brushwood and a canvas - but Della Merediths preferred mean is overmuch louder. This unsocial creator wields a chainsaw to crook aged wood into unthinkable works of art.

Meredith, who lives adjacent the Texas Gulf Coast, archetypal got progressive successful woodworking by carving tikis and pelicans. But successful 2016, she went viral erstwhile she carved a five-foot-tall sculpture of erstwhile Houston Texans subordinate J.J. Watt. Since then, shes received requests to make customized creation pieces for radical and businesses crossed the country.

She besides works to crook trees damaged by Hurricane Laura oregon Februarys frost into awesome woodworks. So far, Meredith has transformed aged trees into elaborate tikis, angels, an eagle, a mermaid, a hawk, a carnivore and overmuch more.

Watch the video supra to spot this astonishing chainsaw creator astatine work!

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