'Louis, I don't have a cat': NJ man goes viral for accidentally cleaning wrong apartment

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CHERRY HILL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A South Jersey antheral is going viral connected TikTok for a hilarious misunderstanding.

Louis Angelino III has been making wealth connected the broadside cleaning houses. His sparkling talents led him to a caller client, idiosyncratic helium didn't know.

"He tells maine there's a cardinal nether the mat," said Angelino.

He walked into a location with a cardinal nether the doorway and helium went to work.

"I swiffered, I swept, I vacuumed, I fluffed the pillows, I cleaned the stove, I did the bathroom," helium said.

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It took 2.5 hours to cleanable the home, past his telephone rang.

"Did you travel retired today? Did you clean?" his lawsuit asked.

"(I said) 'Yeah, I came retired today. Yeah, I cleaned. I conscionable cleaned for the past 2.5 hours. Where are you? I'm sitting connected your sofa close present playing with your feline waiting for you to locomotion in.' And he's like, 'Louis, I don't person a cat,'" Angelino said.

But Beth Motzel and her hubby do.

"We had enactment a cardinal nether the mat for our contractor to travel in," Motzel said.

She had been down the enactment connected June 28 erstwhile she got a telephone from her husband.

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"Beth, idiosyncratic broke successful and cleaned our house," said Motzel, who besides lives successful Cherry Hill.

Angelino had made a navigational error. He misread a 7 successful the code for a 2 and ended up astatine the Motzel's house.

He said it's the champion mistake helium could person made and has been posting the communicative connected TikTok nether his grip @stayscrewy. The video is going viral with astir a cardinal views.

Now, Angelino wants to unfastened a concern and telephone himself "The Cleaning Fairy."

He said the caller task has been bully for his health.

"I realized cleaning was similar my therapy due to the fact that erstwhile I took a messy concern and I made it each bully and neat afterward, it was precise satisfying to me," Angelino said.

As for the Motzel's, erstwhile asked if they're inactive going to support a cardinal nether the mat, Beth said, "Oh, the cardinal is gone."

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