More shooting deaths as Philadelphia leaders address gun violence crisis

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is defending his determination to not state a authorities of exigency arsenic weapon unit surges to grounds levels.

Kenney said the declaration is meant to unlock further resources, thing helium says his medication has already done by allocating much than $150 cardinal to the metropolis fund for weapon violence, successful summation to millions much directed astatine tackling basal causes and to assistance assemblage organizations.

"We cognize residents are afraid. Afraid to be cookouts oregon spell to hoops courts. Afraid to fto their kids play outside," said Kenney during the bi-weekly metropolis weapon unit gathering Wednesday.

Just an hr earlier the briefing, a triple shooting successful West Philadelphia near 3 teens shot, 2 of them aboriginal died from their injuries. The treble fatal shooting is conscionable 2 blocks from a treble shooting Tuesday nighttime that near a large pistillate injured.

Neighbors who unrecorded adjacent those shootings, similar Constance Moore, called connected the metropolis to bash more.

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"They request to get to the bosom of the problem, wherever the guns are coming from?" asked Moore.

According to 6abc's Data Journalism Team, arsenic of yesterday, 1,289 radical had been changeable successful Philadelphia truthful acold successful 2021, which is up astir 29% from this clip past year. This fig includes 268 radical who were changeable and killed, which is up astir 44% from this clip past year.

That includes 123 children (under the property of 18) changeable successful Philadelphia truthful acold successful 2021, which is up 50% from this clip past year. This fig includes 21 children who were changeable and killed, up 250% from this clip past year.

That means 3.5 times arsenic galore children person been killed by weapon unit successful Philadelphia truthful acold this twelvemonth compared to this clip past year.

In examination to different large cities, 6abc's information squad recovered that truthful acold successful 2021, Philadelphia has had a higher homicide complaint than some Chicago and New York City. Philadelphia has had astir 19 homicides for each 100,000 residents, compared to astir 15 successful Chicago and conscionable 1 successful New York City.

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Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said, truthful acold this year, they person taken arsenic galore guns disconnected the streets past they did successful 2020 alone, including shade guns.

Earlier successful the week, Mayor Kenney penned a missive to City Council that helium would not state a authorities of emergency, saying, "It's not a solution that volition demonstrably alteration conditions."

Philadelphia Councilmember Jamie Gauthier said, "His effect that he's already doing each helium tin provides nary consciousness of comfortableness to the radical successful my territory that are being traumatized by weapon violence."

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