New Eagles banner goes up outside Lincoln Financial Field

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A banner extracurricular Lincoln Financial Field present showcases an iconic infinitesimal successful Philadelphia Eagles history.

Fans volition present spot an representation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy being hoisted successful the aerial aft the Birds bushed the Patriots successful Super Bowl 52.

The aged banner connected the broadside of the stadium displayed erstwhile Philadelphia Eagles backmost Carson Wentz. It was taken down from its station successful South Philadelphia connected Monday.

The Action Cam was determination arsenic workers utilized cranes and dense instrumentality to region the gigantic poster of No. 11.

The Eagles selected Wentz with the No. 2 wide prime successful 2016.

In February of this year, they traded their erstwhile prima QB to Indianapolis. But the banner remained, greeting each who drove past connected I-95.

A period aft being traded, Wentz spoke astir his clip with the Birds during his introductory property league with the Colts.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat it -- it wasn't fun," Wentz said successful his archetypal comments since the trade. "It's not amusive erstwhile things were going good for years and each those things. ... As a man, you person to look yourself successful the reflector and larn from it and go a amended man, amended player. It wasn't fun, it was difficult, but I did everything I could to beryllium supportive of Jalen (Hurts) and my teammates."

Wentz was benched successful favour of the rookie Hurts during Week 13 crippled against the Green Bay Packers past season.

The 28-year-old besides commented connected reports that helium wasn't a bully teammate successful Philadelphia.

"I've learned you're not going to marque everybody happy," Wentz said. "As overmuch arsenic you privation to, you can't. It's unfortunate radical person those opinions. I'm going to larn from it and effort to beryllium the champion teammate I tin be. If determination are teammates who I don't deliberation I was the champion teammate, I apologize, I privation I could beryllium better. Last twelvemonth was pugnacious for everybody."

While commenting connected his past with Philly, Wentz looked guardant to a aboriginal successful Indianapolis and rejoining his erstwhile violative coordinator turned Colts manager Frank Reich.

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"A batch of things successful beingness we can't predict," Wentz said. "A batch of brainsick circumstances wherever you expect things to unfold. When you're drafted successful a spot similar Philly you person a batch of precocious expectations and everything, but evidently the twelvemonth didn't spell arsenic planned. Excited for this accidental successful Indy and beryllium a portion of thing peculiar that has already been created here."

It remains to beryllium seen who volition regenerate Wentz arsenic the Eagles starting backmost this upcoming season.

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