'Night in Venice' boat parade returns to Ocean City this weekend

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OCEAN CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Night successful Venice, Ocean City's fashionable vessel parade, returns this play aft it was canceled past year.

About 150 boats and 200 homes are signed up to enactment successful the parade connected Saturday, with prizes awarded for the champion costumes and decorations.

On Friday, the Junior Night successful Venice participants from Ocean City Yacht Club busily enactment the finishing touches connected their boats.

The kids, ages 8-11, decorated their boats and wore costumes, sailing astir a adjacent lagoon for each to spot Friday evening.

"They cognize however to sail, they cognize however to grip the boats. This is ace amusive for them due to the fact that they get to spell astir the lagoon and everyone throws candy astatine them," said sailing teacher Katie Bowman, who was besides named this year's Miss Night successful Venice, based connected her foundation fundraising efforts.

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Sailors and spectators are thrilled to person the fashionable vessel parade backmost this twelvemonth aft COVID-19 restrictions led to its cancellation past year.

"Really excited. It's truly bully to person it backmost and commencement to consciousness mean again," said subordinate Samantha Berdow.

This year's theme: honoring section heroes, including healthcare and frontline workers.

"We're trying to truly marque this astir the radical that helped america get done the pandemic and get backmost to wherever we are present - with a small spot much normalcy," said Dan Kelchner, Director of Community Services successful Ocean City.

On Saturday, the boats volition commencement adjacent the Longport span and parade crossed the bay, done the lagoons ending astatine Tennessee Avenue.

The play is large for businesses successful town, too.

"It's the 2nd busiest play of the summertime - the archetypal being Fourth of July, and past Night successful Venice a adjacent second," said Mark Staszak, proprietor of Express Pizza and Subs.

"A batch of sub trays, a batch of large pizza orders, a batch of catering for parties connected the bay particularly for tomorrow," helium said.

While the fig of COVID-19 cases successful New Jersey has much than doubled implicit the past 2 weeks restrictions stay lifted, though officials proceed to impulse radical to get vaccinated.

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People accidental aft the disappointment of past year, they're acceptable to bask clip extracurricular with friends.

"We're going to person adjacent to 100 folks present and we're truly excited astir that. We'll person a set and nutrient and entertainment," said Bob Weller of Doylestown, Pa., who besides has a location on the bay successful Ocean City.

Night successful Venice starts astatine 6 p.m. Saturday.

Bleachers are placed astatine respective points on the bay for the nationalist to watch.

Fireworks commencement astir 9 p.m.

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