Pa. Animal rescue saves lives of heartworm-positive dogs

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CHESTER SPRINGS, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "Of each the dogs I've had, I've ne'er seen a much sweet, saccharine girl," said Andrea Deutsch astir her caller furry friend, Ladybird.

Although Ladybird looks similar a emblematic dog, the two-year-old pup was diagnosed with heartworm disease.

"Apparently, she was successful a hoarding concern successful Virginia, and now, she came up present to Main Line Animal Rescue and I fell successful emotion with her."

Ladybird is simply a occurrence communicative successful the making acknowledgment to the caller Healing Heartworm program. It is the effect of a concern betwixt the BISSELL Pet Foundation and Main Line Animal Rescue, the second of which is an affiliate of the Pennsylvania SPCA.

"Heartworm is simply a illness that is endemic successful the confederate states," said Nichola Redmond, the Site Director astatine Main Line. "So done this program, we instrumentality those dogs that are fundamentally getting acceptable for euthanasia successful astir cases."

Redmond says they person a extremity of rescuing 100 dogs by the extremity of 2021.

"They're beauteous and adoptable successful each different way," she added, "And we fundamentally prevention their lives."

Veterinarian Alicia Royer has the accidental to ticker these dogs alteration implicit a four-month-long attraction process.

"After they are negative, arsenic agelong arsenic they stay connected their heartworm preventative arsenic each canine should beryllium on, it should not get it again and it should beryllium benignant of successful their past," she said.

Royer and her squad travel the American Heartworm Society's guidelines to termination each stages of heartworm and forestall further harm caused by the disease. In summation to heartworm preventative medicine, each canine receives flea and tick preventative. This is designed to ward disconnected mosquitoes, which are the cardinal vector of heartworm illness transmission.

Once the attraction has completed, these dogs should spell connected to unrecorded mostly mean lives.

"You've got to beryllium patient, but astatine the extremity of the process, I anticipation to person a perfectly healthy, incredibly saccharine dog, which I couldn't inquire for more," said Deutsch.

Deutsch is presently fostering Ladybird and volition proceed to formally follow her successful the coming weeks. While they bask clip spent unneurotic astatine location connected the couch, they aren't acrophobic to enactment hard either.

"Luckily, I ain a favored store, truthful I get the accidental to springiness her each kinds of treats each day," said Deutsch, who created "Spot's - The Place for Paws" successful Narberth, Pennsylvania, 18 years ago.

When Deutsch is not taking orders for favored nutrient and toys, she is engaged moving arsenic the Mayor of Narberth. But she finds her occupation arsenic a canine ma to beryllium important arsenic well.

"I consciousness beingness is much implicit erstwhile you person a favored successful the home," she said.

Main Line Animal Rescue hopes to make much occurrence stories similar Ladybird's successful the future. However, they are relying connected the community's help.

"The BISSELL Pet Foudnation awarded america a assistance and it requires matching funds," said Redmond. "So we are asking radical who attraction astir these dogs who are astatine hazard for dying astatine confederate shelters to assistance america support them alive."

To larn much astir Main Line Animal Rescue oregon to donate, visit their website.

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