Philadelphia announces reopening date for Martin Luther King Drive

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The City of Philadelphia has announced the reopening day for MLK Drive, which has been partially closed for much than a year.

Vehicle postulation volition instrumentality starting astatine 5 p.m. connected Wednesday, August 4, Mayor Jim Kenney's bureau announced Tuesday.

The day was chosen aft consultation with City Council and "successful completion of assorted infrastructure projects including improvements to the recreational trail, paving, and upgrades to lighting."

The metropolis closed a four-mile agelong of the roadworthy successful March 2020 to supply much recreational abstraction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The metropolis besides said the clip was utilized to implicit a fig of projects.

Deputy Managing Director for Transportation Mike Carroll said that includes "a $1.4 cardinal dollar task to wholly reconstruct, rehabilitate and widen the recreational trail, including upgrades to drainage, signage, ADA ramps and enactment striping, which was projected earlier the pandemic and volition supply a acold safer acquisition for walkers, joggers and cyclists to proceed enjoying the riverbank careless of postulation connected the Drive."

The metropolis said MLK Drive volition proceed to beryllium closed for play recreational usage and metropolis holidays from Falls Bridge to Eakins Oval starting connected Saturday, August 7 astatine 6 a.m. done the extremity of October.

City officials said they are besides going to:

-Provide grooming and predisposition of spouse agencies to enactment the hold of the closure done to Spring 2022 and to aviator options which see continuous and vacation closures starting successful September.

-Evaluate the longer-term sustainable options which whitethorn impact procurement of further instrumentality and oregon services implicit the adjacent six months.

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