Philadelphia woman collects lost coins for a good cause

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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- On the contented of aesculapian debt, Lisa Phillips has much than conscionable her 2 cents to contribute.

"I've spent astir of my beingness present successful Philadelphia," she said. "And it ne'er ceases to amaze maine however overmuch alteration determination is successful the city, nary pun intended."

One of the things that changed during the past twelvemonth was the unexpected expenses incurred by patients battling COVID-19 successful the hospital. This made Phillips' regular hobby that overmuch much important.

"I get up each greeting precise aboriginal and I locomotion my dogs and we bash astir 4 to 5 miles," she said. "Just from keeping an oculus connected the ground, I conscionable find a batch of money."

Phillips started a postulation of coins ranging from pennies to quarters and the occasional dollar bill. In 2019, she started logging her discoveries connected the Instagram account, @PhilaStreetFinds, and donating each cent to RIP Medical Debt. The non-profit purchases bundles of indebtedness and eradicates it without fines oregon taxes imposed connected donors oregon recipients. This unsocial strategy allows them to relieve 1 dollar of indebtedness for each penny donated.

"It makes it overmuch much gratifying to stoop down and prime up a penny, soiled arsenic it mightiness be, due to the fact that I cognize that it's going to spell to a origin that is really going to beryllium worthy 1 dollar each clip I donate a penny," said Phillips.

Last year, she was capable to donate $423.82 simply by collecting abandoned wealth from the metropolis streets.

"It tin beryllium successful a angiosperm bed, it tin beryllium astir a tree, by the parking kiosks," Phillips explained.

Today, Phillips discovered what she calls a "sprinkling," oregon a clump of coins dumped successful 1 location. In this case, determination were 10 pennies scattered beneath a parkland bench. She has besides collected overseas wealth from places similar Japan, Guyana, and Barbados.

She hopes that her ngo volition bring consciousness to the worth of tiny coins and promote radical to donate to a bully cause.

"Change, for a batch of people, feels arsenic if it's not worthy anything," she said. "But they don't recognize that it each adds up."

To larn much astir Phillips' mission, sojourn her Instagram page, @PhilaStreetFinds.

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