Pottstown family raises more than $250K to help children fight cancer

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POTTSTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- After the decease of 1 of their own, a Pottstown household is trying to marque beingness easier for different families facing the trials of crab treatment.

Makenna Massi, 14, was a budding instrumentalist who loved the Eagles and was a immense foodie.

"She was not conscionable a chickenhearted finger, conscionable a gallic fry kid oregon mac and food -- she loved steak and scallops and mashed potatoes," said her father, Rich Massi.
She was besides a achromatic loop successful karate. It should beryllium nary astonishment she was specified a pugnacious fighter.

"That kid fought, ne'er complained. We utilized to person to manager her to archer the doctors however she was really feeling sometimes," said Rich.

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Makenna was diagnosed with crab erstwhile she was 9. Her household fought with her for 4 years.

"Like these necklaces I wear, this was hers. It has a 'M' connected it and past she's really wearing 1 with a 'K' connected it," said Makenna's sister, Kayla.

Makenna passed distant successful 2018 astatine the property of 14. Out of their grief, her household turned to enactment by starting the "Fight connected Makenna Foundation."

They've raised much than $250,000 that has helped commencement fittingness and region learning programs for patients, parking assistance astatine Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and edifice funds.

"We thought determination was thing missing astir however bash you assistance families conscionable woody with the rigors of being successful a agelong inpatient attraction plan," said Rich.

Their biggest fundraiser is simply a yearly cook-off successful September called "Bite 4 the Fight," successful grant of their favourite foodie.

"Everything that I bash with the instauration and the festival we clasp has to beryllium cleanable due to the fact that that's the mode I presumption her -- she was perfect," said Rich.

Apart from the enactment of the instauration and each the wealth raised, the Massi household are besides doing random acts of kindness successful Makenna's sanction and handing retired cards with Makenna's look and communicative connected them. Her household says it's an other small thing to support her bequest alive.

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