PR Wires - 4 Different ways The Web Has Changed The Principles Of Sending A Press Release

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PR Wires - 4 Different ways The Web Has Changed The Principles Of Sending A Press Release

Small businesses are unaware of the ways in which the Internet altered the guidelines for publishing press release distribution. A lot of people don't know that the most popular front-page stories don't come as the result of a press release . Instead, the most important stories are created through specialized pitches to a specific media company. So , what do press releases serve for when 90% of them are discarded or rejected by journalists? The Internet has altered these four rules to send out an announcement:

1. Online content can be found by search engines, not journalists.

There was a time when an official press release was created to attract the attention of an active journalist. Today, when you create a press release for distribution, you must improve the quality of the content to meet the needs of the keywords your target audience is looking for on search engines. When you write a press announcement, it must be rich in key words and key phrases.

2. Write to appeal to the web browsing consumer, not the journalist.

The press release you send out should not only contain key words however, it must "speak" to the end user , not journalists without being an unintentional sales advertisement. The content should be informative and not one that is a "buy now" message. A great press release distribution service will answer every one of your "W" questions (who, what, where, when, and the reason) by providing the reader with relevant details about your company product, service, or occasion. If the press release you've written reads like an advertisement, change the words.

3. Write longer press releases and more content . Previously, they were confined by the media due to the fact that the press releases were flooded with the sheer volume of.

When writing, adhere strictly to facts. Be honest. Beware of embellishments, flimsiness and exaggerations. However, since you're not writing for journalists who are going through hundreds of best press release distribution services, you are able to write your message to appeal to the person who came across your site while searching for particular keywords or phrases discovered by search engines in your release. It is possible to tell more of the story since your reader is the user who will be reading your press release.

4. "Legitimate" news that a journalist would report is not necessary content. You can advertise whatever you wish to in your press release not just what the media considers to be relevant.

If your news release includes pertinent details or an announcement which covers the key words and phrase that the user is looking for If so, then your press release will be "newsworthy." Make sure that your press release distribution services isn't an advertisement. Let your website and landing page sell.

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