President Biden names Comcast exec David Cohen as Canada ambassador

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WASHINGTON -- President Joe Biden is naming a apical governmental fundraiser - Comcast enforcement David Cohen -- to service arsenic his ambassador to Canada, the White House said Wednesday. He besides nominating Victoria Kennedy, an lawyer and the widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy, to service arsenic his ambassador to Austria.

Cohen is simply a elder enforcement astatine the cablegram institution Comcast, and antecedently served arsenic main of unit to different almighty Biden ally, Ed Rendell, erstwhile Rendell was the politician of Philadelphia. He was an aboriginal backer of the president's 3rd White House run, hosting Biden's archetypal 2020 statesmanlike run fundraiser.

Cohen said successful a connection that, if confirmed, helium would look to turn "the important relationship" arsenic some nations look to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. Canada announced this week that it would easiness restrictions astatine the borderline adjacent month, allowing U.S. citizens and imperishable residents surviving successful the United States who are afloat vaccinated to participate without quarantining.

The U.S. authorities connected Wednesday extended the closure of the onshore borders with Canada and Mexico to non-essential travelers until astatine slightest Aug. 21.

Kennedy, a weapon power advocate, came to cognize the president during the years erstwhile Biden served with her hubby successful the Senate.

She is the president of the committee and co-founder of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, a non-partisan nonprofit that educates the nationalist astir the U.S. Senate, and besides leads the acquisition committee of the committee of trustees for the Kennedy Center successful Washington.

Kennedy has besides served connected the boards of weapon power advocacy groups, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence successful Washington, D.C., arsenic good arsenic Stop Handgun Violence successful Boston. She founded the radical Common Sense astir Kids and Guns, aimed astatine reducing guns deaths and injuries to children.

"My parents and grandparents taught america done the illustration of their ain lives however important it is to service and springiness back," Kennedy said successful a statement. "And my precocious husband, and his extended family, embodied the noblest qualities of work to country. I americium humbled by the assurance the President has placed successful me, and if confirmed, I look guardant to being capable to service my state arsenic ambassador to Austria."

Biden is besides giving superior information to different subordinate of the Kennedy family.

Caroline Kennedy, the girl of President John F. Kennedy who served arsenic ambassador to Japan during the Obama administration, is being weighed arsenic a contender to service successful a high-profile ambassadorial relation -- possibly successful Asia oregon Australia, according to a idiosyncratic acquainted with the deliberations who was not authorized to comment.

The White House besides announced that Biden was nominating Jamie Harpootlian, a South Carolina lawyer and influential Democrat successful the aboriginal superior state, to service arsenic his ambassador to Slovenia. She is joined to different almighty South Carolina Democratic operative and Biden ally, authorities Sen. Dick Harpootlian.

The president's triumph successful the South Carolina superior turned retired to beryllium the turning constituent for a run that struggled retired of the gate.

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