President Biden to bring infrastructure sales pitch to Pennsylvania

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HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania -- President Joe Biden volition caput to the Allentown country Wednesday arsenic helium fights for transition successful the Senate of a astir $1 trillion infrastructure measurement that a bipartisan radical of senators brokered with him.

The White House is billing Biden's sojourn to Macungie arsenic a halt to "emphasize the value of American manufacturing, buying products made successful America, and supporting good-paying jobs for American workers."

It gave nary different details of the sojourn - Biden's 2nd to Pennsylvania truthful acold this period aft helium went to Philadelphia past week to talk connected voting rights.

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In the Senate, Republicans rejected an effort this week to statesman statement connected the infrastructure deal. Supporters accidental they conscionable request much clip earlier different vote, perchance adjacent week.

Macungie is adjacent the location of Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, who voted against opening debate. In a connection aft the vote, Toomey echoed different Republicans successful pointing retired that captious details astir the woody are not finalized.

Should an statement beryllium reached connected those, Toomey said helium volition see the measurement "based connected its substance." Pennsylvania's different U.S. senator, Democrat Bob Casey, voted with different Democrats to commencement debate.

The measurement includes astir $579 cardinal successful caller spending connected roads, broadband and different nationalist works projects - a archetypal signifier of Biden's infrastructure agenda, to beryllium followed by a overmuch broader $3.5 trillion measurement from Democrats adjacent month.

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