Rite Aid moving headquarters to South Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA -- Rite Aid is moving its office to Philadelphia successful what it calls a tract "designed specifically for in-person collaboration and institution gatherings, alternatively than bureau spaces."

The caller "enterprise headquarters" volition beryllium located successful the erstwhile Navy Yard successful South Philadelphia, offering a abstraction for teams crossed Rite Aid's assorted businesses - including Rite Aid retail, Elixir, Health Dialog and Bartell Drugs - to "meet, collaborate, prosecute clients and partners, and cultivate the benignant of beardown nonrecreational relationships that service arsenic the bedrock for palmy distant teams."

In addition, planned "regional collaboration centers" crossed the state volition let teams to travel unneurotic for in-person meetings, grooming and improvement and more, the institution said.

The institution said an interior survey indicates that astir Rite Aid firm associates, who person been moving remotely since aboriginal successful the COVID-19 pandemic, similar moving from location but besides privation opportunities to meet, collaborate and larn unneurotic successful person.

Jeff Olson, the company's vice president of communications, told PennLive.com that Rite Aid would support a "collaboration hub" successful the Camp Hill country successful Cumberland County, but details are inactive being determined.

Rite Aid, founded successful 1962, says it has much than 2,500 retail pharmacy locations crossed 17 states.


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