Seagull hits teen in face while on SpringShot ride in Wildwood, NJ

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WILDWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A radical of friends celebrating a day astatine the Jersey enactment decidedly person a communicative for the ages.

Georgia, 14, and Kiley, 13, who unrecorded adjacent Weatherly, Pennsylvania, got rather the astonishment visitant portion connected a thrust astatine Morey's Piers successful Wildwood, New Jersey earlier this month.

Georgia was celebrating her 14th day portion connected abrogation and decided to spell connected the SpringShot thrust astatine the amusement park.

According to Morey's website, the thrust shoots you into the aerial astatine speeds implicit 75 mph. But the website doesn't accidental you'll conscionable a flying seagull retired of nowhere.

Video shows Georgia and Kiley get fired into the aerial and shockingly, Kiley comes look to look with a seagull.

"We did not cognize what happened until they got off. We did spot feathers falling from ride, but astatine first, I assumed they were tickets," Georgia's mother, Alena Reed, tells Action News.

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Reed says the girls couldn't halt laughing aft the thrust and the seagull seemingly flew distant uninjured.

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