South Jersey family celebrates quadruplets' 1st birthday

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SWEDESBORO, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A South Jersey household is celebrating a large milestone.

One twelvemonth ago, the Stepenosky household from Swedesboro, New Jersey, tripled successful size with the summation of quadruplets.

"I person been readying a archetypal day enactment for astir apt the past 10 years, truthful I went a small overboard," said Jennifer Stepenosky.

Nicholas Stepenosky said, "Just truly astonishing to spot however acold they person travel from past twelvemonth until now."

Parents Nicholas and Jennifer accidental it's besides the archetypal consciousness of normalcy they've had present that household and friends are vaccinated.

When they archetypal recovered retired they were pregnant, it was aboriginal 2019, close earlier the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Everybody was benignant of locked down, and boom, present we're benignant of unlocking and going out, and we person 4 kids," said Jennifer.

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Caitlin, Elliott, Addison and Amelia were calved astatine 27 weeks, weighing nether 3 pounds each.

They each are present blessed and healthy, celebrating 1 year.

Parents are besides celebrating immoderate tiny victories themselves.

"I deliberation bath clip is an Olympic athletics with 4 babies. We person it down to astir a half-hour science. So we've gotten beauteous bully with that," said Jennifer.

They admitted immoderate days tin beryllium overwhelming, but they person enactment and gratitude.

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