Stuntman Eddie Braun braves Evel Knievel's unsuccessful rocket car jump in new Disney+ movie

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CHICAGO -- For implicit 3 decades, stuntman Eddie Braun has been taking the falls for the stars connected screen. Now, there's a movie astir his death-defying talents that debuts connected Disney Plus Friday.

After years of making enactment heroes look good, a manager is present making him a starring man!

SANDERS: "You had this imagination aboriginal on, what makes a teen wanna go a stuntman?"

BRAUN: "I deliberation each teen wanted to beryllium Evel Knievel successful that era, the feline wore a cape. My archetypal wounded arsenic a kid was a jump, trying to instrumentality my Schwinn Sting Ray bicycle and leap trashcans. I broke my arm. At that constituent I thought I was truthful cool, I was similar Evel Knievel."

Braun wanted to bash what his idol couldn't, similar jumping the aforesaid canyon successful a rocket.

BRAUN: "By the clip I tried the Snake River jump, I had implicit 30 years arsenic a nonrecreational stuntman, truthful I felt astatine that constituent I had the acquisition and wherewithal to leap thing truthful audacious."

SANDERS: "What is it that you recovered astir the psyche of a stuntman that made you privation to bash this full thing?"

DIRECTOR JURT MATTILA: "What I learned astir Eddie and his chap stuntmen is that they are incredibly committed to their craft. They emotion making movies, they emotion telling stories, truthful overmuch truthful that they usage their assemblage and sometimes, enactment their beingness connected the enactment to get the changeable that we each get to bask successful a large film."

SANDERS: "Did you ever truly get hurt?"

BRAUN: "It hurts to bash stunts, truthful there's nary avoiding getting hurt, what you anticipation not, and ought not is to get injured, determination is simply a immense huge quality betwixt the two."

Braun is nary alien to the windy city.

BRAUN: "I did a movie called 'Hoffa' determination with Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito, I had a blast, I've done a Transformers movie there. Chicago's conscionable a large spot and I emotion it there, I can't hold to get back!"

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