Tens of thousands of New Yorkers have moved to Florida during COVID pandemic

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NEW YORK -- More than 33,500 New Yorkers person moved to Florida successful the past 10 months, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Sara Guando, 34, primitively from Long Island, said the COVID-19 pandemic prompted her to marque the determination to Tampa successful February.

"There's truthful galore much things to bash outside," Guando said.

Guando said she had ever been frustrated by the precocious outgo of surviving successful New York, and the pandemic enactment her implicit the edge.

"I don't consciousness similar I'm surviving paycheck to paycheck arsenic overmuch arsenic I did connected Long Island," Guando said.

Guando said her Long Island landlord besides moved to Florida, and 3 radical she present works with astatine the University of Tampa are from New York.

"It's overmuch much shocking to conscionable idiosyncratic calved and raised successful Tampa than it is to conscionable idiosyncratic from New York, New Jersey," Guando said.

Long Island favored sitter Beth Goldin is moving from her location to Florida successful October.

"Taxes are better," Goldin said. "No much winter. I've already fixed distant each my shovels."

South Florida existent property cause Bonnie Heatzig said the extremity of 2020 was the tallness of New Yorkers seeking to determination to the Sunshine State.

"New York was closed, New Jersey was closed," Heatzig said. "There were radical who were saying, 'I truly privation to travel down to Florida. I privation to accelerate my plans.'"

Heatzig, who is the Executive Director of Luxury Sales astatine Douglas Elliman successful South Florida, said it's not uncommon for New Yorkers to bargain Florida properties show unseen.

"These are radical that are moving down to South Florida to commencement their life, to enactment their children successful school, to commencement a caller business," Heatzig said. "These radical are present to stay."

Heatzig said immoderate New Yorkers who worked remotely from Florida during the pandemic are present deciding to marque the confederate authorities their imperishable home.

Heatzig said the superior New York purchaser successful South Florida is from Manhattan, and that galore of them are maintaining a 2nd location successful the Big Apple.

"They've downsized their abstraction successful New York, and they're making South Florida their superior residence," Heatzig said.

Martin Melkonian, adjunct subordinate prof of economics astatine Hofstra University, said helium believes the exodus from New York to Florida volition not beryllium imperishable for each people.

"There's definite things astir New York that are not existent of immoderate different portion of the country," Melkonian said. "For that reason, I deliberation galore of them volition rethink their decisions."

Those with the Long Island Association besides said they bash not judge these moves are imperishable and are solely related to the pandemic.

"Although Florida whitethorn beryllium touting these numbers arsenic an exodus from New York to the south, determination is akin question wrong the New York State metro country wherever radical are seeking retired the suburbs," the Association said.

The Association said location prices connected Long Island proceed to rise, exemplifying that radical privation to determination to there, arsenic well.

Guando said, astatine this point, her determination to Florida is permanent.

"If there's different spot that's going to supply maine perchance a aboriginal family, a amended prime of beingness and this conscionable feels similar that," Guando said.

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