Top 6 spots to visit in Atlantic City (Part 1)

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ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- It is clip for a small surf and turf successful this week's Top 6. I recovered immoderate places to illustration successful Atlantic City.

Bungalow Restaurant and Lounge brings you an land vibe without having to permission New Jersey. You tin halt by the main edifice for a wound connected the boards, oregon locomotion adjacent doorway to the Biergarten for immoderate classical German snacks and 30 antithetic draught beers. I made my mode to the formation barroom to cheque retired the hookah lounge and excavation platform that's built close implicit the sand! There are formation chairs for lounging, vessel work sections for VIP partying, and a multitude of drinks and snacks to spell around. My favourite was the grilled chickenhearted panini with aioli, spinach and provolone cheese. The treble food arancini balls were gooey and perfect, but you can't spell incorrect with the treble patty bungalow burger!

For an water adventure, publication a travel with Atlantic City Parasail. Owner Eric Redner, and his 2 co-captains Eric and Marty, knew conscionable what to bash and however to support america safe. It's a watersport acquisition that's a boatload of fun, adjacent if you're not acceptable to soar successful the sky. I sacrificed my photographer, Denny, he's ever down to get the champion shot.

I got Denny backmost harmless and sound, conscionable successful clip for a sojourn to the Hard Rock Hotel's lively lobby bar. You tin sip, mingle, and boogie the nighttime distant astatine the societal centerpiece of the casino, oregon research the edifice to spot the immense postulation of euphony memorabilia, from Michael Jackson's mitt to opus lyrics handwritten by Britney Spears, and instruments held by immoderate of the top philharmonic legends of each time.

Stay tuned adjacent Friday connected Action News Mornings for Part 2!

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