Video shows woman hurling racial slurs at Super 8 hotel clerk in Mount Laurel

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MOUNT LAUREL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A New Jersey pistillate is facing charges of bias intimidation, harassment and battle aft her tirade of radical slurs was caught connected video astatine a edifice successful Mount Laurel.

Police accidental Elizabeth Trzeciak, 46, of South River, N.J. was not a Super 8 edifice guest, but staying astatine a edifice nearby.

But she showed up astatine the beforehand table astir 12:30 a.m. Monday, yelling astatine the beforehand table clerk and utilizing the n-word aggregate times.

"Look, you ***** springiness maine a call, Black man. Give maine a call," she yells.

About 30 seconds into the signaling she throws an artificial works and a instrumentality of sanitizer earlier storming off.

The antheral signaling the video is simply a 21-year-old employee.

"I knew erstwhile I saw that video it was going to spell viral due to the fact that the behaviour is conscionable truthful appalling," said Michelle Banfe, Vice President of Operations for Delco Development, which owns the Mount Laurel Super 8.

Mount Laurel constabulary accidental initially Trzeciak, who was staying successful a neighboring hotel, seemed intoxicated and was released to a household member.

But erstwhile the video surfaced later, constabulary charged her with bias intimidation, elemental battle and harassment.

"Upon receipt of it, I took swift action," said Banfe. "We went to the police, we went to the prosecutors and we called the mayor."

Managers accidental the worker has worked astatine the edifice for 3 years and was shocked by the encounter.

"Hospitality, hotels, restaurants, we're each unneurotic each the time. And to spot idiosyncratic travel into our location and dainty our household similar that is devastating," said Super 8 wide manager Joe Pergine.

This incidental comes connected the heels of different bias incidental earlier this month, besides successful Mount Laurel.

Protestors showed up astatine the location of Edward Cagney Matthews, who was arrested aft a racist tirade toward a neighbour was captured connected video.

We spoke to residents who are fed up aft watching some incidents.

"Racism isn't thing that radical are calved with. It's learned. So it's conscionable sad. I don't know. When is it gonna stop?" said Aletheia Johnson of Mount Laurel.

Trzeciak had her archetypal tribunal quality Thursday.

She volition stay successful custody until her detention proceeding connected Tuesday greeting successful Burlington County Superior Court.

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